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Art on the Fox Fine Art Show

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Loving Collaboration

Artist Statement: We hand craft silver and gold jewelry made with only the highest quality semi precious/rare gemstones and minerals. We use only hand made findings and a technique known as wire wrapping, which utilizes strands of sterling/argentium silver and gold wire to build up dimensions, layers,patterns,and accents.

Photography by James Hojnacki

Artist Statement: My photography has been the pursuit of images that are my view of the world. I look for the unique view of a particular subject or the simplicity of a natural object like a single flower. I also like to capture the passage of time from a long exposure that will be displayed in the frozen image of a photographic print. I have photographed the character of the farm that would disappear into history, days, weeks or months after the shutter has done its work. Be it for the camera the history can be preserved. Working in black and white in the darkroom or digital color the image must take me in with the eye as music reaches my ear to bring me back to remember that moment in time.

Prairie Moon Art

Artist Statement: I have been designing and handcrafting jewelry since 2012. I work primarily with semi-precious stones such as agate, jasper, howlite, tigers eye, quartz, malachite and amethyst. I also use glass and clay beads, metal and crystals. My journey in jewelry making and how it evolved with the help of Harper College in Palatine was featured on the front page of a local magazine. I also enjoy the art of acrylic flow painting and creating mosaics with polymer clay. The amount of pleasure I gain from creating is equaled by seeing someone connect with one of my pieces. Thank you for your interest, Linda.
Rhinoglass/fused glass

Artist Statement: Rhinoglass creates functional plates, platters, candy dishes, cheeseboards and dipping dishes. All of my fused glass art serves a function for serving at casual meals and formal parties. Contemporary and fun, my designs can be used to serve hot or cold food and then find itself in the fanciest of breakfronts. Rhinoglass always prices its items so that everyone can enjoy it, not just the rich and famous.

Naturally Farber Photos

Artist Statement: I have been doing wildlife and general nature photography for 50 years. 35 years of that time from my electric wheelchair using an elaborate framework that holds the camera. Through my photography and my story, I hope to share with others some of what the Lord has shared with me.

Aurora Borealis Collection

Artist Statement: As a ceramist, I’ve developed a passion for creating inanimate objects in the form of clay. Clay gives me the freedom to work with my hands and build beautiful works of art all at the same time. Why go out and buy a mug when you can make one yourself? Due to the chemical nature of clay and how it’s matured, each work of art is unique and one of a kind. From hand building to wheel throwing, low fire to hire fire glazes and ultimately how the clay is fired, I’ve dabbled in a little of it all. Featured here is a set of pit fired pottery. It's the oldest form of maturing clay and produces beautiful, unpredictable finishes! The coloring on these pieces were obtained using various chemicals and materials (salt-soaked corn husks, seaweed, copper, capers, dried manure, coffee grounds, wood shavings, sodium carbonate, salts, metals, etc) then placed in an underground chamber and set on fire. After the pit has cooled, the pottery is unearthed from the ash, unveiling its fascinating, atmospheric finish! Thank you for taking the time to learn my story and view my work!

Matt Brej Ceramics

Artist Statement: There is a general concept in methodically constructing such pieces, based upon craft and material interaction. The effects of manipulation and alteration are fundamental to my creative practice as well, and are a direct response to the vibrational dance that occurs between maker and object. Transference of energy occurs and becomes locked within the objects, enabling visual absorption and breathing life into an inanimate material. Craftsmanship plays a huge role in the intimacy that develops with the making process of each piece. The constantly evolving carving process focuses primarily upon free flowing organic movement and is influenced by improvisational music. The improvised music fuels the expressive nature of the carving as I hold the tools, feel the rhythm, and shift my body to the groove. Subject matter present within the carved surface of the work becomes a point for the viewer to interpret and dwell upon. Personally, this work is about my own translation of particular moments in space and time directly into the clay.

Jacocalo Design: Burgeoning

Artist Statement: As a jewelry artisan, I delight in melding wire and metal with semiprecious gemstones, glass, and other materials. I take particular joy in the complex art of wire weaving, however I also utilize other aspects of wire work, and metal work. When designing a piece, I often take inspiration from the natural world, but also veer into other realms.

Bowes Woodworking

Artist Statement: Peter Bowes of Bowes Woodworking has been creating wood furniture for over forty years. He creates timeless, finely crafted, and elegant furniture made to order. Custom furniture includes dining room tables large and small, side and end tables, console, foyer and coffee tables, desks, bookshelves and beds. Only hardwoods, including woods like cherry, sapele, mahogany and purple heart are used, no filler pieces or particle boards. His pieces are unique and many of them are functional pieces of art. He does every step of the furniture making from selecting the woods, design, building, sanding and varnishing. His combined creativity with classic style makes for stunning work.

Dragon Heart (novel)

Artist Statement: I am a self-published author with a book titled Dragon Heart that falls under the action and romance genre in fiction. I also sell Dragon Heart shirts in a variety of sizes. I have been with the event for two years in a row and enjoyed every minute of it while being able to share my work with others. I am excited to have the opportunity to share my work at this art show once again.